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Michelle's Fantasy
by Michelle, El Sereno

My name is Michelle, and I got married with my husband Richard in late 1997. We met in high school and married right after graduation.

I was in love with him, and he was in love with me. Everything was fine with us, and soon after we got married we had our first son named Junior. My husband was a great father, but soon after we had our soon I noticed Richard and I started having less and less sex. I couldn't put my finger on it, but I knew that something was wrong. Richard seemed removed from me, and I noticed he was more quiet like he felt guilty or depressed or something.

Like I said, I knew something was wrong, but I didn't know what it was. I didn't know what was wrong, until one day when I caught my husband in the garage with one of the neighbors.

Usually on Sundays at 10 am I go to church with my sister who lives down the block. On this particular Sunday, my sister called me and asked me if I could go to church with her later that day, instead of going at 10 am like we usually do. I told her that's fine, and that I would go with her later in the day.

Later in the day, I heard voices in the back yard. It was my husband talking to this tall homeboy-looking guy. The guy is about 19 years old, goodlooking and dangerous looking, and I wondered what my husband was doing with him. I recognized him as one of the gangster who lived down the street from us.

My husband went into the garage first, and was followed by the guy in the baggy clothes. Then the door closed behind them. "That's unusual," I thought to myself, but I didn't think he was doing anything bad. I waited a while, feeling a little nervous inside, and then I had to know what they were doing in there, so I said to myself, "Let me go down there, and offer them something to drink just to please my curiosity."

Well, I went down there, and I looked through one of the cracks in the garage. And I saw the homeboy sitting on the sofa, and I saw my husband kneeling between his legs and bobbing his head up and down real fast. I literarily shook my head and thought, "What the fuck?" Did I just see my husband fuckin' giving head to another guy?

I got really angry, so I looked again through the little hole, and I saw the homeboy smoking something, maybe it was a joint, and with his other hand he was pushing my husband's head down onto his cock.

The homeboy blew out the smoke, and said, "Yeah, suck my dick, puto."

Then he put the joint down, grabbed my husband's head with both hands, and barked at him, "Yeah, suck my dick good, puto." He bit his lips, and started thrusting into my husband's mouth.

But this time, I noticed that I was still mad, but without me knowing it, I started getting interested in watching the action. I put my eye closer to the hole to make sure I got a good view of the action.

My husband reached up and pinched the homeboy's nipples, and the homeboy kept making faces while his pito was in my husband's mouth. Like nothing, the homeboy again reached down and pushed my husband's head into his cock. The homeboy acted like he owned my husband, and he could get him to do anything he wanted.

To be honest, that kind of turned me on. My husband hadn't been giving me sex, and yet here was a young masculine 19-year-old gangster telling my husband what to do sexually. The idea of having a sexually powerful man around turned me on, and at the same time I got turned on knowing that I had a submissive husband. The idea of men man-handling my husband and bitching him turned me on.

The only problem though was that my husband was getting the action, and I wasn't getting shit. I said to myself, "You know what, if he can mess around, then I can mess around too."

Then the homeboy said, "I'm gonna cum."

My husband took his mouth off the homeboy's cock, and jacked off the homeboy real fast.

Then the homeboy said, "Nah, put your mouth back on it. Eat that shit." Like a greedy pig, my husband went back down on the homeboy, using his hand and mouth to bring him to climax. The homeboy tensed, threw his head back, and grunted, while my husband moved around his dick even faster, and I think I could hear my husband moaning while accepting the homeboy's cum. The homeboy thrust up and down a few times as he fucked my husband with his cumming dick.

When they were done, the homeboy got up quickly to buckle his pants. For the first time, I saw his dick, and it was fuckin' huge, fat, uncut and dangling like a dark piece of meat. I couldn't believe how big it was, and that my husband had been able to swallow it. Just so you'll know, my husband has a small dick about 5 ½ inches (it's nice but not big), so I guess I got kind of jealous thinking, "He won't give me his modest dick, but here he is sucking on a big ass dick."

Still kneeling in the submissive position, my husband asked the homeboy, "Do you want some more weed?"

Buckling his pants, the homeboy said, "Nah, just give me 10 bucks." My husband reached into his wallet and give a bill (I don't know how much money he gave him.) I thought to myself, "So this little fucker is even paying him."

I didn't want them to know I had been watching, so I went inside the house.

That day and the next few days, I did a lot of thinking. And you know what, to be honest, I was glad that I knew what was going on because now I did not have to worry that there was something wrong with me or that I did something wrong to make my husband feel removed from me or not want me sexually.

My husband wasn't giving me sex and we were not really communicating either, so that caused me to fantasy about other men, and I would feel bad that I wanted sex with other men, but I never betrayed my husband's trust and I was always loyal to him.

But now I felt differently. Hell, if he could do it, then shit, I could do it too. The thing is that I usually go for older, well-established men who can treat me with respect, and we can hold an intelligent conversation.

I had never really thought about being with a young thug like the one my husband was having sex with. I guess seeing him with a young guy who lived outside the law made me kind of curious too. What is it that he sees in them? I thought to myself, "If the chance comes, maybe I'll seduce a young thug too."

I went to the super market down the street one afternoon, and as soon as I walked in I saw the back of a young guy at a machine that turns coins into dollar bills. Something about him looked appealing, so I walked slowly to see his front, and he was cute.

He was about 18 years old, handsome like a mother fucker, with dark smooth flawless smooth, a dark moustache and goatee, and big beautiful eyes. He definitely looked masculine, and like a guy who likes to hang out with gangsters and maybe get into trouble.

I didn't know what to say, so I told him, "Excuse me, do you know what time it is?"

He said, "Nah" in a real masculine young voice and raised his hands to show me he had no watch. Also, even through his baggy clothes, I could tell he had a firm nice body.

I told him, "You look so young. How old are you?"

"Eighteen," he said with his sparkling eyes. I wanted him, so I made small talk with him. He got a little nervous, and I think I even heard his voice crack a little. I think he knew that I was hitting him up and that I wanted him. I think he knew he was about to get sex.

We shopped around together for a few little things, and then I asked him, "Do you want to go back to my place?"

He said "Yes" real fast and in a nervous voice. I thought to myself, "How cute! He's nervous. He's probably excited too."

I touched his goatee a little and said, "You're so cute."

He just smiled nervously and started breathing shallowly. I thought I saw something twitch in his pants.

Then I told him, "You're excited, huh?" I reached over and grabbed his hard on. It was real, hard and thick. I thought of my husband's dick, and I thought, "This is what I've been missing."

We went inside the house, and we didn't talk much. I just said, "Come here." And the homeboy charged me like a bull. He embraced me in a hard passionate kiss. I couldn't tell if he was trying to stop my air or filling me with passion.

Then his tongue started to explore my mouth, as his hands began to explore my ass. It was hard to describe, but being with this guy was a lot different than being with my husband. The best I could describe it is to say that this guy was like a lean hard passion that knew no boundary and did not get tired.

He was just hard in every sense of the word, and he kept coming after me. We kissed and he handled my breast, and even when he handled my breasts, it was with a touch of pain and satisfaction, as if the homeboy could not stand if there was an inch of separation between us. He just brought me hard into his body.

I found out his name was Raul, and he had fucked only one other girl, but that was like seven months ago, so he needed it again.

He told me, "I wanna fuck you doggy style."

I said, "No, let me suck your dick first."

All he said was, "Oh fuck," cause he never had a blow job before, but he was eager to get one. I laid him back against the pillows, and my hand traveled his tight chest and his six pack. He had such smooth flawless skin, and a big ass fucking dick. I didn't measure it, but it was real fat and maybe eight inches long and uncut.

I started sucking his dick, and he just moaned and he put his two hands on my head and guided me to his dick. This reminded me of the time the other homeboy put his hands on my husband's head as my husband sucked his dick.

But I soon forgot my husband, as I started to deep throat this guy. Man, he had a big dick, and the more I sucked it the bigger it got. Raul even told me, 'Man, I've never seen my dick that big before."

It must have grown another inch or two. Not that I minded, shit, I was in heaven, after not having dick for so long.

I sucked him for like half an hour while he just chilled and moaned and played with my hair. Then he said, "Do you have a condom?"

I said, "Yeah," and put the condom on him. I felt so good. Man, that young papi knew how to fuck. I sat on top of him. He grabbed my ass so good, and pulled me down into his hardness. At that point, we were the most satisfied couple on earth.

I know this is silly for me to say, but I started getting feelings for this guy. I knew were were not going to end up as a couple or anything like that, but he was just so fucking cute, and virile, and had the best body, and the best dick, and he knew how to use them. Well, I was just in lust with him, and I wanted to see him again and again and again.

When he came, he was fucking me doggy style. He was pounding me so hard, my head hurt a little as he pushed me into the bed with each thrust, but I wasn't complaining. Man, I wished my husband could handle me like this.

Finally, he came, and he grabbed me real hard by the waist, and kissed me in the mouth, and he told me that he loved me as he deposited his sperm inside my hot tight pussy. I kissed him back, and we cuddled for a little while.

Then we got dressed and I drove him home. I got his phone number, and we made plans to get together again in three days.

Needless to say, you know what my fantasy is: to be with another guy and my husband at the same time. I want the other guy to be straight and to bitch my husband (that's what my husband gets for cheating on me behind my back).

At first I thought, I'll arrange to have a threeway with Raul and my husband, but then I thought, "Why should I let my husband have my man?" Instead, we should have a three way with the young stud my husband is sucking off in the garage.

We can have a threeway with his man first, then we can have a threeway with my man.

I think I'm cool with my husband, but at the same time I thought I should have a little revenge on him for not telling me the truth.

I'll tell you a little bit of what I did. One day that thug homeboy came over, and he was kicking it with my husband in the garage. I wouldn't leave the two guys together, and I'm sure my husband was getting pissed cause he wanted me to leave to church so he can fuck around like he usually did.

They sat on the sofa, and just to fuck with them, I kept telling the gangster that his pants were real baggy. I could tell he liked the attention because he loves girls.

The gangster stood up, and I asked him to show me how baggy his pants were. Then I told him to unbuckle his pants to show me how baggy they were. Acting stupid, I said, "Wow, they're really baggy. What's the baggiest size pants you ever wore?"

He told me, "Size 44." And I said, "Oh, wow, that's really baggy."

Then I said, "Let me see how baggy they are. Will one of my hands fit in there?" I put my hand in his pants, and I massaged his hairy legs a little. I think he knew what was going on because his cock started stirring.

Then I said, "Let me see if two hands fit in there." But this time, I grabbed his cock. I wasn't jacking him off, but I was just kinda holding his cock and petting it. His cock felt even bigger than the guy I was sleeping with, and I thought, "No wonder my husband is sticking to this one."

I told him, "You have a beautiful six pack," and I started to massage his stomach. He lifted his shirt to show off his stomach even more. All this time I had my hand on his cock, and it was getting fatter and fatter.

In a nervous cracked voice, my husband said, "Michelle, I don't think you should be doing that." I think he just got jealous or confused.

I told him, "Shut up, stupid, I've seen you sucking his dick." I think at that point, I was angry. The feelings of hurt and betrayal came back to me, so I pulled down the homeboy's boxers, and started sucking on his fat dick.

The homeboy just said, "Fuck yeah."

The feelings of betrayal started leaving when I felt the dick getting bigger and harder in my mouth. I could hardly close my lips around the base of his cock, and then I was actually thankful that my husband found such a fine guy.

I think my husband my still in shock, trying to deny that he fucked around with guys, so I finally told him, "Richard, don't act stupid, and come down here and suck his cock with me." Richard still wouldn't listen to me like his pride was in the way or he was clinging to the last remnant of denial.

The homeboy then told him, "Suck my dick, puto." And that did it, my husband couldn't stand not listening to the masculine homeboy, so my husband kneeled down and started sucking the homeboy's cock.

While he did that, I massaged the homeboy's balls and played with the part of the shaft that didn't fit into my husband's mouth.

The homeboy then asked me, "Can I fuck you?"

I said, "Hell yeah, you better."

So he fucked me on the sofa while my husband jacked off and watched. The homeboy told me that this is better, and that he's straight, but he only lets my husband suck his dick because he gives him money.

I told him, "I don't give a fuck what you are, as long as you fuck me good." And man, his big long tool fucked me so good.

Sometimes when my husband is not home, this 19-year-old gangster comes over and I suck his dick and he fucks me.

My relationship with my husband is better now, and we started having sex with each other. He told me he stopped having sex with me because he felt guilty, but now that he knows I'm cool with him messing around with guys, he doesn't feel guilty each time he touches me.

Sometimes I wonder if there are other couples like us out there. My husband and I have talked about meeting up another couple who is into the same thing we are.

Also, one night I surprised my husband with my little friend Raul. Raul was shocked at first that I was married (I guess he forgot I told him I was married. Either that, or he didn't believe me when I told him I was married). Young 18-year-old Raul came over one night when I asked him to sleep over.

Raul was in bed with me, and I was kissing him. Then I told my husband to suck Raul's dick. Raul said, "Why is he going to do that? I don't want him to do that. I'm straight."

Rubbing his chest and kissing his beautiful lips, I told Raul, "I know you're straight, papi. But this is just a fantasy of mine. Come on, papi, do it for me?"

"Alright," Raul said, "I'll do it, but only if it turns you on."

Meanwhile, my husband's mouth was watering like a motherfucker. He pulled down the top of Raul's boxers and pulled out his hard 8 inch cock. He went down on Raul, and Raul made a face of pleasure, and I started to deep tongue Raul. I knew at that point that we would all be real good friends…

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